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I fucked my sister and mom

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I fucked my sister and mom

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As he's trying to jerk it, the object of his affection walks in. The compromise that he will delete the pictures if Blair helps him get off. Crawling onto the bed, Blair starts sucking and stroking her stepbrother's dick. When Alex's mom comes in, she hides under the covers and keeps her blowjob up in secret. When sucking her stepbrother off doesn't work, Blair peels off her miniskirt and panties and spoons with Alex.

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I was getting a raging hard on just from looking at her. I discovered soft silk along the leg then an opening and nothing but soft shaven pussy lips, she was already damp along the lips so my finger slipped down inside to the inner recess of her cunt real easy.

As I attempted to suck the juice from mom, I felt a pair of lips close around my cock and slip down the shaft. By the time we come home tonight he will be able to relax and enjoy all the goodies we have to share with him.

Her first wave of orgasm shook her deep, as the waves came rushing over her our lovemaking became a battle between the bodies. Her finger was buried inside of her cunt, her other hand was rolling and tugging on her rigid nipples, her shirt sisfer open now.

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I asked are you comfortable now and she said yes, i asked can i fuck you now she was shy and tried to run away from my room and teased me saying that catch me if u can brother, i started to chase her she went to her room i followed her, she was trying to run away from there also but i caught her and we were breathing i fucked my sister and mom due to running, i got behind her and was holding her tightly, i started to kiss her back, neckand she started to moan, i was licking her back now just like dogs licking the bone, i turned her towards me and gave her a kiss on lips and we started to explore each others mouth by our tongue, after 10min of kissing i lifted her in my arms and carried her to the bed and put her on bed and i laid on cocaine and sex drive of her i kissed each and every inch of her body and now i slowly pushed my hard rock dick into her wet pussy.

Her fingers were lightly stroking my balls as started to jerk my hips.

I did as asked and after taking another shower headed down to the family room. Ohhhh god fill me up just like you used to do. My cheeks were wet from her pussy and I knew that she was getting ready for a good hard fucking. Wiping her lips off, Sara stood up and mt over to sit on the couch facing mom.

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I told her that anytime she needed me just to let me know. She snuggled down into my arms and started to kiss my neck and chest as her orgasms slowly faded away. My hips were grinding into kom and she was pushing right back.

Her lips slide down the shaft, taking me deep into her throat. To this day I still jerk off with that memory. I can hardly wait for us all to be together again. Mom had moved behind Sara and I could feel her insert the be.

As her back was to me I could see a dark area through the white material of her panties. I think that we are in for a real ride tonight.

Mom, are you ready to help us, ohhhh. She grinned at me and slipped her fingers down into mm wet lips of her beautiful pussy. Mom moaned as she felt the throb of my rigid cock firing into her mouth.

Placing the head of my shaft just up to her lips she began to run her tongue over the head and crown. My pussy just wets all over itself when I remember how your cock felt deep inside. I saw Mom start to twitch as my climax sent her over the edge and she fingered her self faster. Now i started to watch tv and after sometime sushma also came to watch tv, still there is not much talk between us, then she went to prepare lunch, i also soon went to kitchen to help her and started i fucked my sister and mom to her, i said how long you will be silent talk something, she said you have become very naughty brother, i am slightly scared of you, i laughed and said y are you scared of me, do i look kirk cameron evangelism a monster to you, she said nothing.

The compromise that he will delete the pictures if Blair helps him get off. He slides into her and then does all the work moving her hips while he grabs her tits.

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As she took off each piece of clothing I felt my dick stiffen, soon she had on panties and nylons and nothing more. In order not to sound like a snob or creep about it I fucked my sister and mom told them that I was a virgin and saving myself for my future wife. I decided that today i will make my move to get laid my sister. As she was virgin the cunt was very tight, i slowly pushed inside and started to fuck very slowly in the beginning, she screamed in pain but i didnt stop and continued my fucking, i was pressing her milky boobs and i was smooching her lips with my lips and i was fucking her cunt with my long dick.

As my tongue rubbed it from bdsm lisa to side I gentle pinched and tugged her nipples, they were like small cherries swollen and rigid. I placed the head just at the opening and slowly lowered my body down.

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Placing an arm around each, I pulled them close and hugged them. Give me your hands, ohhhh, please play with these tits, make those nipples hard, yes tug on them ahhhhh, god eat my cunttttttt.

Very soft voice and big brown eyes. We sat there just enjoying the company of each other.

Sleeping mom porn

As I watched mom look at herself in the mirror. I started a slowly full length pull out and stopped just as the tip of my cock slipped out, down again.

I was always ready to show my sister how much I loved her. I promise you that.

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I reached up and pulled her nightgown out of the way and placed a nipple between my lips to suck. Since that evening we spent many nights falling asleep tangled in each others arms. Mom and Sara did a bit of shopping, then decided that they were ready to go home. Older women riding dicks was the homecoming I received four years ago.

All along the top rails were small lights that lit up the bed and left no i fucked my sister and mom of the bed unlit. In next episode i will tell how i seduced my mom with the help of my sweet sister and managed to marry my mom and my sisteryour comments are welcome. Turning onto her hands and knees, Blair tries to suppress her moans as Alex pushes into her from behind.