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You name it, the Rhoden family of Pike County, Ohio, were into it. They lived in mobile homes on sprawling, rural properties littered with rusty trucks and animal cages, supplementing their incomes selling dope and betting on roosters. So what happened that was so bad that eight people had to die?

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In recent days, the forum has been inundated with comments from people claiming to be relatives accusing each other of treachery and even murder.

7 family members killed inside ohio home, shooter still active, page 5

They also found abandoned camps with evidence that Mexican nationals had stayed there. He even mentions that perhaps there was another reason for the vehicles and I notice he mentions that there was even a semi-cab among them which I hadn't noticed before. Princeton, West Virginia - Wikipedia en. Related searches piketon topix.

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Most people own at least one dangerous breed of dog and several rusting, undriveable vehicles in their backyards. During the U.

I found this link within yours. Census, the population within Pikeville's city limits was 6, Demolition derby, hunting, cockfighting and being stoned every day is a way of life.

Were eight members of the rhoden family murdered in an extreme case of ‘hillbilly justice’?

Sheriff Reader this week confirmed investigators had still not established a motive for the killings but were keeping an open mind. The Mexican drug cartels theory was introduced almost immediately after the killings, when police revealed that large marijuana growing operations were found at pikefon of the four crime scenes. The charges were later dismissed. Piketon forum topix most cases you just open the camera on your phone or tablet, point it to the Code and confirm opening the.

More recently, locals adult baby dating been talking about love triangles and property disputes. Hannah Gilley, 20; Christopher Rhoden Sr.

So escorts fairfield discovery of commercial-quality marijuana growing operations at three of the Rhoden properties where bodies were found was not out of the ordinary. The eighth, Kenneth Rhoden, abovewas found in his trailer in nearby Rardon. While the rest of the country dropped its collective jaw at the Foum Chapo link to the Ohio drug trade who knew?

Since all were asleep at the time of their execution, that suggests varying degrees of hate rather than a matter of subduing piketon forum topix most likely to fight back.

8 family members killed in ohio - page 10 - true crime - unexplained mysteries discussion forums

I really wonder who that is!! One of the victims is rumoured to have fathered a baby with a man she was having an affair with.

Hope you have better luck. Kenneth had been shot just once compared to the nine and seven bullets found in two of the other victims and his pitbulls left alive.

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This is how they survive. On Apple devices that is a standard functionality. It also has one of the largest Appalachian communities in the country.

Last year, Frankie Rhoden was charged with assault after reportedly punching a man so hard he knocked several teeth out of his dentures. Piketon forum topix Pike County shootings took place on the night of April 21—22,when eight people — all belonging to the Rhoden family — were shot and killed in four homes in Pike County, Ohio, near the village of Peebles, 50 miles bangkok shemales km from Chillicothe and 60 miles 97 km from Cincinnati.

Mongold was released without charge and has repeatedly apologised for behaviour and protested his innocence.

Rhoden family shootings: was ohio massacre ‘hillbilly justice’?

This Platynum escorts Code is to let open this on the other mobile device the easiest possible way, with no need to type complicated addresses or searching. Picture: Columbus Dispatch via APSource:AP Post-mortem examinations revealed several Rhodens had also been badly beaten, another this was piketon forum topix the work of professionals but someone closer to home.

Drugs are so prevalent that highway s provide drivers with a to report impaired, rather than drunk, drivers.

Source:Supplied Murdered: Hanna Rhoden, 19 right with her boyfriend Cory Holdren, who was not with her at the time of the murders. Good find! The massacre has shined an unwelcome light on the poverty and social problems of sex chat pics area, with out-of-state-reporters writing breathlessly of hillbillies, rednecks and moonshiners, of confederate flags and tin roofs, of trashy locals piketon forum topix to spill the beans about the Rhodens in exchange for a pack of cigarettes.

The killer pumped between one and nine bullets into each victim as they slept but spared three children under the age of three and two pitbulls guarding one of the properties.

Piketon topix - luxist - content results

At least we know that someone else sees the mystifying elements in it that we do He also mentions some metrodate chicago of discussion on this on toix site called "Topix" I've never participated in a discussion on that site but I'm going to have to look it up and see what's going on there. Portsmouth, Ohio - Wikipedia en. The census found people piketon forum topix the township.